McPherson County
Master Food Volunteers

Master Food Volunteers  - Training session offered in Spring 2009

WANTED: Persons interested in learning and teaching food preparation, food safety and nutrition. Must be willing to give at least 40 hours back to the community in return for 40+ hours of specialized training. Interested volunteers should contact the McPherson County K-State Research and Extension Office, 620-241-1523 for further information.

This “ad” is not a fabrication; it is the real thing. We are excited about offering the program, Extension Master Food Volunteers, for people who love to cook, love to learn and want to give back to the community. This is only the third time we have offered the program in McPherson County or this area of the state.

The Extension Master Food Volunteer program is modeled after the Extension Master Gardener program that has been around for many years. Just as in the Master Gardener program, Master Food Volunteers must apply for selection to be in the program, must attend all trainings, must work cooperatively with other volunteers and must give a minimum of 40 hours of service to the community by sharing their knowledge and teaching others.

Anyone who loves to cook or has an interest in food safety and nutrition can apply for the Master Food Volunteer program. A volunteer’s interest in food can be shown through personal interest and experience or by previous professional training or experience. However, if you are only interested in eating good food, you do not have much chance of being selected for the program.

McPherson County Master Food Volunteers will join volunteers from Geary, Ottawa, Ellis, Dickinson and Saline counties for training. The interaction between volunteers from various backgrounds will be fun and will help everyone gain new perspectives on many food topics.

We are offering the Extension Master Food Volunteer program so that we can expand McPherson County Extension’s capabilities to give interested learners food-related, research-based information by trained volunteers. In 2006, McPherson County volunteers, Dena Pederson, Janette Hess, Marcia Hiebert, and Robin Davis completed the Master Food Volunteer training. We increased Extension’s education on food and nutrition topics to a variety of audiences through their Master Food Volunteer efforts.

Many more programs would be possible if more volunteers are trained through this program. We could have classes on everything from preparing speedy meals to bread baking. Volunteers might teach kids’ cooking classes or set up educational displays at community events. We could even have salsa-making or jam-making workshops!

If you are even a little bit interested in becoming a Master Food Volunteer, please give me a call soon at 620-241-1523. A new world of food and fun is awaiting you!